16 maj 2016

Projekcija filma - "Alles Flex"

Projekcija filma - "Alles Flex"

Četrtek19. maj, ob 20h

V dokumentarcu "Alles Flex?" Abel Heijkamp (NL) in Julij Borštnik (SI) raziskujeta posledice dvojne prekarizacije bivanja. Kakšno družbo dobimo, če fleksibiliziramo tako delo kot bivanje?

'Alles Flex?' je prva iz serije štirih epizod dokumentarnega projekta Prihodnost dela (The Future of Work).

Projekciji dokumentarca "Alles Flex" (All Flex?) bo sledila debata o prekarizaciji dela in stanovanj.


In the documentary ‘Alles Flex?’ (All Flex?) Abel Heijkamp (NL) and Julij Borštnik (SI) explore the possible consequences of the current flexibilisation of our life-world. It draws upon the personal accounts of flex workers and flex tenants of different ages and walks of life. What kind of society are we fostering when existential security is no longer a right, but a privilege for those who can afford it?

As Dutch Housing Minister Stef Blok has recently stated that “while working is already flexible and dynamic, the labour market should soon follow accordingly”. With over 10 types of temporary tenancies already in place, and legislation that allows for new ‘flexibilities’ in preparation, insecure housing will likely become the norm.

‘Alles Flex?’ is the first episode of a 4 part web documentary series The Future of Work. The Future of Work is filmed in the Netherlands, Slovenia, Germany and Europe.

Screening of the documentary ‘Alles Flex?’ (All Flex?) will be followed by a discussion about precarity and housing with the filmmakers.

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