01 april 2013


Anthropology Student Sessions

Sreda, 3. 4. 2013, ob 18h
Wednesday, 3rd of March, at 6pm

Exhibition-presentation-discussion on Belgian anarchist movements (Will be held in English)

As we just came back from Belgium, we'd like to present you our experiences and views on current Belgian anarchist movements. They seem to us very alive, offensive, and inspiring in many aspects; they open questions and paths on fighting, squatting, analysing, organizing, building projectuality etc. The anarchist movement there is very diverse - we'll go through its different aspects - but mostly taking the risky paths of insurrection and revolution, and of an constant and urging quest for Freedom in every aspect of life. 

We'll talk about the background there, especially about Europe at its core, where it is experimenting and developing current and future repression and colonization of everyday life. We'll present some of the latest publications, posters, stickers and other productions, and hope to bring up some discussions, questions and

Opening of exhibition at 6pm, discussion at 7pm.

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