03 april 2018

Info-kafana (XLIX): Radical potentials of feminism today

Info-kafana (XLIX): Radical potentials of feminism today

Petek, 6. april 2018 ob 20h

V [A] Infoshopu, anarhističnem socialnem prostoru na Metelkovi, nadaljujemo z lahkotnimi večeri kjer se pogovarjamo o resnih in manj resnih stvareh v tovariškem vzdušju. Tokrat se bomo pogovarjali s tovarišicami iz AFKORS-a o radikalnih potencialnih feminizma danes. Debata bo potekala v angleščini.


At this weeks Infokafana we want to open the discussion about the potentials of feminism as a radical political struggle today. Although it has greater visibility and mobilization reach, the fight is pacified trough neoliberal and capitalist appropriation, politely asking the authorities to change little parts of the oppressive patriarchal system. It has nested itself in a safe space of identity politics, implying binarities of men and women, strengthening the cage of gender instead of destructing it or focusing on a very particular struggle without addressing the complex system of hierarchies that exist in the society. Is there a way to radicalize the feminist movement? Is "queer" a potential to base our struggle on? Can we build alliances based on affinity and not identity? This and more questions will be discussed. Join!

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