30 januar 2018

ASS 04: Relation_s

ASS 04: Relation_s

Sreda, 31. januar 2018 ob 19h

The Anthropology Student Session will meet for the fourth time. We will be very glad to welcome you in A-Infoshop on Wednesday 31st of January at 19:00. Topic of this session will be Relation_s.

Relation_s – Workshop about reflecting on our relationships

We all are somehow in a relation with other people, that mostly are labelled as familial, collegial, romantic, befriended. In the next Student Session we try to deconstruct these labels reflecting on how they already come with norms, unwritten rules, expectations and conventions. Albeit these categories are useful, they also put relations in arbitrary order. We invite everyone to participate in the workshop with reflecting on their own relationship experiences. Afterwards sharing our experiences, we are going to talk about "amatonormativity", the dominance of (hetero) romance in our society. Its about the impacts of (often harmful) romantic ideas we internalize from early years on. There will also be a chance to talk about the connection between romantic love and capitalism.

Don’t hesitate to share the event and to invite friends. For further questions please contact us: a.student.sessions@gmail.com
We are looking forward to see you. 

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