04 december 2017


AnthropologyStudentSessions //ASS no1 // Queer theory

Sreda, 6. december 2017 ob 19h

Move your A.S.S-es to [A]-Infoshop*! The Anthropology student sessions are starting the second round. Every two weeks in [A]-Infoshop, AKC Metelkova! First edition on December 6th at 7 pm!

Our aim is to create a space of discussion among people interested in anthropology and social sciences where it is possible to share and exchange our knowledge. Our group is based on the principles of horizontality and inclusivity, with no formal functions, positions, no leadership and no membership fees. The sessions don’t only address anthropology students, but everybody who is interested in the discussed topics.

Next to the fireplace, drinking a tea or a beer we will listen to presentations, discuss readings or films. Everybody is free to come up with topics that matter to them and/or that they are currently working on.

Our first session is going to deal with the topic of queer anthropology. We will reflect on the questions of what or who is a queer, where is the place of queer theory in the field of anthropology and also on its obstacles. The basis of our discussion will be two articles which are accessible on our facebook page and on the facebook event.

Always After: Desiring Queerness, Desiring Anthropology by Margot Weiss, in which the author is dealing with the development of queer theory in anthropology and the importance of queerness trough identity, normativity and desire.

Who’s Queer? What’s Queer? Queer Anthropology through the Lens of Ethnography by Ellen Lewin. The article discusses the obstacles queer anthropology faces on the field and puts into question the necessity of queer anthropology.

The discussions will be in English.

Don’t hesitate to share the event and to invite friends. For further questions please contact us: a.student.sessions@gmail.com
On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/A.S.S.ljubljana/

We are looking forward to see you! Cheers!

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