20 april 2015

Let's talk about Rojava revolution

Let's talk about Rojava revolution
Volunteer Network for Rojava reconstruction. Info night and benefit.

Thursday, 23rd of April, at 8pm

We still remember resistance of Kobane in Sirya and revolution in Rojava region. We will discuss what is happening with revolutionary eksperiment and what is situation on the ground.

The idea is to make it a brief talk (up to 30 minutes), plus a queations&answers session and discussion (unlimited).

Our speaker from the solidarity movement to support Rojava Autonomy will screen some videos and discuss these issues:

1. What is the key conclusion from the Hamburg conference (“Challenging Capitalist Mod - ernity II: Dissecting Capitalist Modernity–Building Democratic Confederalism”).
2. Why is Rojava special both for Middle East and for us in Europe (various perspectives: anarchist, feminist, communalist, anticapitalist, anticolonialist).
3. What are possible ways to support Rojava reconstruction and development, starting from Kobane Reconstruction Board
4. What is the idea behind Amargi.PL and what is the current status of coordination with Rojava representatives.
5. Short- and mid-term agenda.

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