24 april 2011

Program 27/04/11

Presentation and discussion:

Sreda 27. april, ob 19ih

P.E.D.A.L. is a group of community organizers, artists, food growers and cyclists travelling from London to Palestine by bicycle in 100 days in Spring 2011. P.E.D.A.L. cycles in solidarity with Palestinian and Israeli popular resistance movements- responding to the call-out from Palestinian civil society in 2005 to support the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (B.D.S.) campaign.

On Wednesday, 27.April.2011, they will present us their 100 day P.E.D.A.L. journey, basic principles and methods of organizing their current campaigns and activities besides the communities of resistance they have visited so far.

There will be a following discussion/workshop about using stories in movements for social change which will be a place to tell personal stories of inspiration and collective stories of struggles and events. On this occasion, they will do a presentation on B.D.S which will be a space to learn about the campaign against Israeli occupation and to share tactics and experiences of direct action against corporate and governmental structures.

In addition to presentations and discussions, we will coorporate with P.E.D.A.L. to do a seed exchange and open a discussion about Reclaim The Fields and the issues of access to land, seed and water.


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